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A Little About Us


photo coming soon   Caitlin's Critters

What started off as a rabbit project for our daughter has become a family affair. We are all involved in maintaing our little rabbitry of 10 holes which includes our guenia pig-- Butterscoth. My daughter and I are both members of the ARBA and the ANDRC. We are meeting a lot of great people and learning a ton at the rabbit shows. With new knowledge gained we have decided to revamp our rabbitry and as such you will begin to see much of our stock change.

In our animal exploits we have not stoped with rabbits. We also have many different colors of exotic button quail, bob white quail, Sebastopol Geese, African Geese, Chickens of all varities and Boer Goats. When I say a family affair I mean it too as Grandma (to Caitlin) has gotten involved with many of these animals and as such we have two locations.

My husaband and I have both been raised around all sorts of animals growing up. The experiences were a great learning tool about life and its processes as well as economics. We hope that our children will enjoy theirs as much as we have.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments!