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CaitlinsCritters.com is our daughters site where we can explore animal husbandry through small animals (Rabbits, Cavies). We learn how to house, feed, clean, and care for these animals, both as pets and as an educatioal tool to help learn the responsibilities of caring for an animal, showing the animal at competitions, and ultimately selling some of the animals to help pay for the project

The breeding calculator works, and I've fixed the link to embed it into your own site. Feel free to use this calculator wherever you want. The basic pedigree maker works but still needs some polish. It was a lot harder than I expected. It should be live on this site soon! (for ND breed/colors only at first) Please let us know if there are any tools that would be useful to have available, I'll see if I can make them.

We have new rabbits from Lisa Monk, pictures will be up shortly. A big thank you goes to her. We will now be working with some great chocolates and otters.

As of the West Coast Classic Magic has received his third leg, and took best of breed in show B.

After many years in the exotic bird business we are calling it quits. Look for birds and supplies on our for sale page. We are going to be doing a lovebird sell out!

Avery Information
We are a closed avery. As such we do not board animals, or accept requests for tours. This is to keep our animals healthy.

Under Construction
This site is new and as such is currently under construction. Please excuse the various dead links, and such. While the site may never be "finished" as such, it should be more complete shortly.

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